Our Story 

We are 100% independent from any gas, electric or water company 
We search the whole market for the best rates thereby providing totally impartial advice 
We want to support you in the long term so we will always let you know about the best deals 
We are a Social Enterprise Business with profits generated being re-invested in projects to help vulnerable people, the elderly and those in fuel poverty reduce their household bills and effectively manage debt. By using Utility Ability to reduce your bills you are also positively impacting the lives of vulnerable people in the community. 
Utility Ability was founded by Sharon McAsey after realising that so many small and medium sized businesses were paying a lot more for their gas and electricity than they needed to. 
Sharon has a strong background in energy purchasing and helping domestic consumers get the lowest possible tariff, based on their needs. One of her friends who ran a small engineering company asked her to look at the electricity bill for his business. 
This company was totally focused on generating sales and bringing in income but had never really looked at its overheads and had been with the same electricity company for years. Sharon managed to save them 40% on their annual electricity bill, which meant that they could afford to employ an additional worker, widen the services they offered and most importantly increase profit. 
After conducting some local research she realised that lots of other busnesses were paying too much for their energy, and so Utility Ability was born. 
Our mission is to ensure businesses minimise their spend on the energy and water they use and use te money saved to grow their business. 

Contact Us 

It is so simple to start saving today. We only need to see your bills and get your authority to contact suppliers on your behalf. We will then present you with a proposal showing the best tariffs based on your business needs and it is then totally up to you if you want to switch tariff and/or supplier. 


Call us today or complete the form . We look forward to hearing from you! 
Telephone: 01628 319 648 | Email: admin@utilityability.co.uk 
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